ex sentia wirehaired dachshunds

Ch/Ir Ex Sentia I'm Bond James Bond ex Aventine Vanilla Sky 7 Ch Silvae Zealot (D) 1 x BOB, 3 x CC Ch/Am Ch Treis Pinheiros Zucchini SW ex Ch Silvae Pastiche 7 Breed: Dachshund (Wire Haired) GREAT JOINT DACHSHUND ASSOCIATION, Nov 9. . Pablo Picasso of Wildervale "Pablo" Born: 5 May 2020 Wild boar male . SPECIALITY DOG SHOW FOR DACHSHUNDS AND HUNTING TERRIERS in Riga judge - Vija Kluniece, Latvia . Hello Quique, WOW! Wire-haired, with CC's, judged by Mrs A Booth (Abbalongdat) Best Dog & BOB: Ch./Ir.Ch. PSI - DOGS. See our comprehensive list of Dachshund breeders from around the world to help bring home the puppy of your dreams. WUNDERHUND VERGEL AARON Dachshund, Dachshund, matings, puppies, Dachshund, Dachshund Pedigree DataBase, , Dachshund! Dachshund Wire Haired. Wirehaired Dachshunds. Ex Sentia - wirehaired dachshunds Welcome to ex Sentia kennel. Dog Reg: Ex Sentia To Be Or Not To Be [Bitch] Breed: Dachshund (Wirehaired) Handler: Owner: S Ray Breeder: Ina Malecka & Agnieszka Malecka #2-Dog Reg: Reblows Silver Lining [Dog] Breed: Beagle 13 inch Handler: Brooke Young Owner: Rebecca Dirksen #3-Dog Reg: CH Palomino Du Greffier Du Roi CM [Dog] rozhod / judge: Mrs. Dorota Witkowska (PL) III. 1/RW : 7: KADELL'S TREASURE DUST W , HP57818401 1/14/2019. and fit for purpose - puppies are available to approved and loving homes. Dachshund rauhaar (miniature) 53. male, baby class LISEGO NOSA ZILBERGROSH - PP, class winner, babyBOB, babyBISs-2 (Mariss Pizhon x Lisego Nosa Zavernite Mne Konfetu) D.o.B. By CH Eastwinds Churchill & Trio's Whatevaaaa Vom Clucklichental. Exc MJ Classe Intermdia / Intermediate Class 346 - BRAVO DE ARADIK : 1. Gerhardt of Wytchend. GOYA v. Linteler Forst: Mezitda / Intermediate class (3 vborn / 3 Excellent) . EX SENTIA DIAMOND LEAGUE e TAPPIJALAN GALAXY kasv Nina Lehtolammi, Finland om Nina Lehtolammi & Teea Salonen, Finland . Beautiful litter of standard wire-haired dachshunds. Welcome to "Ex Sentia" kennel We breed Standard Wirehaired Dachshunds with style and outstanding temperament Enjoy your visit!! Dachshund Club of NSW Inc. Show Regulations: All RNSWCC Rules must be adhered to at all times. 76 . Ex Sentia Devil's Advocate. Laura Reynolds & Catlin & James Cahill. Breeder: Owners. . 17: CH VON WEILBURG & THE PHOENIX CLOSING THE BAR DAVINCI , HP54887605 12/20/2017. Sire, Terrance is a stunning stud dog. Ex Sentia I'm Bond James Bond Dam: Ch. Jana-ex sentia million dollar baby obtuvo en su segunda presentacion en shows (all breeds) con 11 meses CACJ Mejor de Raza joven Reservado grupo joven Mejor de Raza 3 mejor de grupo juez : jacqueline rusby ( canada ) CACJ Mejor de Raza joven Mejor de Grupo Joven Mejor de Raza Mejor de Grupo juez: Michael das neves benites ( brasil) Gayteckels Seaexclusive. Bitches 2 14 Raydachs Rumor Has It SW. HP48868204. Bitch. By Italian Topolino At Voortse Huys -- Voodoo Doll Vitoraz. Breeder: Holle Cook . Occasionally we have puppies for sale. Welmu Neiti Gemssin ja Ex Sentia Far From Heavenin normikokoiset pennut, nelj tytt, syntyivt 25.6.2013 ja ovat jo maailmalla omien perheiden hoivassa. DACHSHUND, WIREHAIRED. Bitch. We breed standard wire-haired dachshunds with sound structure, style and good temperament.Our dogs, puppies, show results, photos. . Fernwood Marmoset. We breed standard wire-haired dachshunds with sound structure, style and good temperament. HALFWAY LEADER in the Dog World/Royal Canin Top Stud Dog competition, up to and including results from Windsor weekend, is the Bull Terrier, Visions, himself winner of the breed's major trophies and now leaving a remarkable legacy, including six CC winners so far this year. TAKS, KARMIKARVALINE / DACHSHUND STANDARD, WIRE-HAIRED (148) kell / time 10:00 . A: 5: . Dachshund. Brdr: Judy Walker, CH EX SENTIA DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - CH J WALK LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS SW. Owners: Steve WoldenAgent: Alvin Lee (Dog) IBIZAN HOUNDS - G : Friday Judge: Wendy Maisey : Fritzle vom Paulineberg. 1/W : 5: XYLON UIT'T VOORTSE HUYS , HP58671101 11/14/2016. Lesandnic Sea The Stars Miss L Patton: Res. Bitch. Sire: Ch. Pedigree number: KC . PLACE Pasmina / Breed: JAZAVAR PATULJASTI KRATKODLAKI / DACHSHUND MINIATURE SMOOTH-HAIRED . Kleine Hobbyzucht von Kleinteckel in den Farben rot, schwarzrot, schokobraun, schwarztiger & brauntiger. Post by JoyDens onMay 10, 2009 at 7:40pm. Welcome to ex Sentia kennel. Fichtenwald Keiler. DACHSHUNDS (WIREHAIRED) Open Miniature Dogs. Will also have a full vet Health check and of course regularly wormed. Lesandnic Lil Eetee: Miss L Patton: Best Bitch: Boloria's Naughty But Nice: Mrs J & Miss R Rowe: Res. 4 C.C.s 6 R.C.Cs, 3 B.O.B. Wirehaired Dachshunds. Ex Sentia BRAZOS SKI ALMOND JOY: Exc.3. . 4 C.C.s 6 R.C.Cs, 3 B.O.B. Owner: MR C & MRS A, MR R & MRS L MOORE & COVERLEY. Ex Sentia - wirehaired dachshunds. VHC AM GR/J CH POL/POL CH EX SENTIA DEVIL'S ADVOCATE (MRS A & MISS A MOORE & MALECKA) Special Beginners - Bitch. 02-06-2015. Chip number: Free registration . & Under 18 Mos. Dachshund (Wire-Haired) Judge(s): MR F KANE CH SILVAE MYSTIC View larger image: BEST OF BREED: CH SILVAE MYSTIC. Entries: 3 Absentees: 1. Dam: Ex Sentia Gone With The Wind . Judge: Ina Malecka, Poland, kennel Ex Sentia. taks, karmikarvaline / dachshund standard, wirehaired 322 ex sentia my only wish blr jch, est jch, est w12, lt ch, lt jch, rus ch, rus jch rkf2880199 om aleksey bolobonov,russia big 3 kbustaks, pikakarvaline / dachshund miniature, long-haired 319 sensatsia pitera chest imeu est jw13 rkf3360730 om n. kuzmina & oksana spitsa, russia big 4 Such a beautiful type of dog, ideal balance and super conformation, with the bonus of being as . By GCH Raydachs Fire Down Below V Gleishorbach SW & GCH Ex Sentia Dear Loreley In The Sky SW. . Kadell Standard Wirehaired Dachshunds Kadell has 65 Champions to Date The origin of the Kadell Kennel name was a combination of last names of James Cahill and his then wife Marian Udell who bred English Springer Spaniels together in the Early 70's! Gerry of Seale. Pasmina / Breed: JAZAVAR STANDARDNI OTRODLAKI / DACHSHUND STANDARD WIRE-HAIRED Ime psa / Name of the dog: EX SENTIA DIAMOND FROM TIFFANY Kataloki broj / Catalog No: 266 Vlasnik / Owner: MUSATOVA OLGA (RU) 2. STANDARD WIRE HAIRED DOGS Ch Ex Sentia (FCI) Sgt Larvel Jones (imp Poland) 90 Owner - Brenda Gale Wyredach Purple Rain (AI) 16 STANDARD WIRE HAIRED BITCHES Fraserwood Neon Star. BO G / 3. Every third year, our Spring Show becomes a Championship Show . WELCOME to World Pedigree DataBase Dachshund DataBase pedigrees intended for fans and professionals - owners of Dachshund around the world, everyone can make a contribution and leave the information on their own and other dogs, as well as to use the materials at the same time without any restrictions. EX SENTIA I'M REALLY THE BEST Wild Boar 2008 . . TAKS, LHIKARVALINE / DACHSHUND STANDARD, SMOOTH-HAIRED (148) kell / time 09:30 ISASED KUTSIKAKLASS / DOGS PUPPY CLASS KONIJAK IZ STRANI GREZ e SMART KAYA MARSELIO KOMPANIJA kasv Daiva Remekeviien, Lithuania om Daiva Remekeviien, Lithuania ISASED AVAKLASS / DOGS OPEN CLASS 1164 FREE SOUL KEEP BLACK MUSTANG ESTJW19 EST JCH EST-02025/18 DACHSHUNDS - T (WIREHAIRED) Saturday Judge: Elizabeth Muthard : Dachshunds - T (Wirehaired), Best of Breed Competition : 5: . Bitch. Our dogs, puppies, show results, photos. Miloun ja Popin pennut, 2 poikaa ja 3 tytt syntyivt 30.5.2013. . Dachshund Standard Wire-Haired: Sex: male: Date of Birth: 27 MAY 2019 Date of Death: . Bred in: KC UK. Mum, Ginny, is our beloved family pet. Ex Sentia Dear Loreley In The Sky Breed: Wirehaired Dachshund Handler: Cheri Koppenhaver Owner: Shirley Ray. By GCH Ex Sentia Devil's Advocate -- GCHP Kadell's Gold Dust W. Laura Reynolds and James & Catlin Cahill . The puppies will be KC registered, with their first vacation and microchiping. We breed standard wire-haired dachshunds with sound structure, style and good temperament.Our dogs, puppies, show results, photos. PLACE Pasmina / Breed: JAZAAR KUNIAR OTRODLAKI / DACHSHUND RABBIT WIRE-HAIRED Ime psa / Name of the dog: ALPHERATZ RIGEL Kataloki broj / Catalog No: 453 Vlasnik / Owner: NICOTERA FRANCESCA (IT) CAC SPLIT 27. . ISASED JUUNIORIKLASS / DOGS JUNIOR CLASS . Zwerglanghaarteckel von Weinreich. Exc MJ Classe de Trabalho / Working Class 323 - EX SENTIA THE SPY WHO LOVED ME : 1. Home OUR DOGS > > > > > "ex Sentia" Champions . GCH Ex Sentia Devil's Advocate. Variety: wire-haired . Flaming Kate at Ritterburg. Dog Reg: CH. Bystock Pumpkin Pie. Friedl of Seale. CH/IR CH EX SENTIA I'M BOND JAMES BOND ( MOORE & COVERLEY) Res: DEROCHAISE MUTINEER . 084 508 0710 . WORLD of DACHSHUNDS St.wirehaired; Dachshund Owner Guide; On Line Dachshund Magazine; Urdinxka's British Shorthair; Urdinxka's Blog; ForumWireDachsClubUk; ForumDachsUk; Color 'rojo' en el dachshund pelo duro ( 'foglia seca' All.del Tocai) Color y patron en el dachshund (All.del Tocai.) Ime psa / Name of the dog: EX SENTIA DIAMOND FROM TIFFANY Kataloki broj / Catalog No: 266 . Rankings: doesn't participate. sire: EX SENTIA HUGO STIRLITZ Basta (MBISS AmCh Windswept's Crayzy For You & Ch Ex Sentia I WILL NOT FORGET YOU FRIDA) dam: Ex Sentia ALWAYS IN MY MIND (CH Romanchi ARKANSAS & CH Ex Sentia BRAZOS SKI MILKYWAY) Last update: We are Kennel Club Assured Breeders, aiming to breed healthy dogs, well-socialised . Our sweet James "ex Sentia I'm Bond James Bond" has qualified for "Dachshund of the Year" as runner up top wire male He is 2 Standard Wire male this year in England!!! Dachshund Rescue Mrs Chris Moore 02 9606 6941 Website Co-ordinator Ms Alexis Bromage 0413 725 508 Earthdog Co-ordinator Mr Douglas McKay 02 9974 5572 . Dachshund (Standard Wire-Haired) 0: Best Baby Puppy In Multi-Breed Specialty Hunu's She's A B'otch From Freestyle MW Dachshund (Miniature Wire-Haired) 0: . Ex Sentia (Fci) Sgt.larve Jones (Imp POI) Day, Sinclair, & Johansen MG Fox Mrs K Baxter Ms J & Miss A O 'Flynn Mistraka Kennels Mr B P Glanford Group: 4. Georg of Wytchend. ISASED AVAKLASS / DOGS OPEN CLASS . Runner-up Top Wire bitch 2012. 26 June 2010 - WUT World Dachshund Show - Silkeborg ( DK ) Raydachs Denim N Diamonds - 2nd in Champion Class ( 10 entry ) Treis Pinheiros Tangerine - 4th in Junior Class ( 13 entry ) ex Sentia I Will Not Forget You Frida - 2nd in Open Class ( 16 entry ) Thursday, June 24, 2010 "M" puppies - 3,5 weeks old:))) Ex Sentia My Only Wish . Created: 11/07/2014. James Cahill, Catlin Cahill, GCH EX SENTIA DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - GCHP KADELL'S GOLD DUST W. Owners: Laura Reynolds,James Cahill,Catlin Cahill (Bitch) IBIZAN HOUNDS - G : Saturday Judge: Elizabeth Muthard : Ibizan Hounds . Ex Sentia I Will not forget you Frida. Breed: Dachshund (Wire Haired) Judge(s): MR GAVIN ROBERTSON . Our Association was formed in 1946 to encourage the ownership, exhibition and breeding of top quality dachshunds in the counties of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Wiltshire, Somerset and Gloucestershire. She is due in season in July and will be bred to my Ch.Joy-Dens Mirror-Image SS this will be an uncle to niece breeding. The Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) is the primary registry body for purebred dogs in Canada and currently recognizes 187 breeds. Exc PR(BO B) MJ / 2. Featured Links The Canadian Kennel Club. BIG - APOLLO della Val Vezzeno. MJESTO / 2. BIS More & Malecka's Am Gr/J Ch Pol/Pol Ch Ex Sentia Devil's Advocate. From 1995 I have regularly attended dog shows as an exhibitor or observer (inter alia European Dog Shows, World Dog Shows, Cruft's , DCA Nationals). Dachshund Love Blog; The Kennel Club - UK- dachshund standard CH UA . Children under 16 years are $25.00 plus HST. Sire: Ch. Firebird of Seton. Owner: MR D C & MRS K D MCCALMONT . Protsionus ZIEGER: Exc. 148 - Baixote Standard de plo cerdoso - Dachshund (Standard) rauhaar (DE) Machos / Males Classe de Juniores / Junior Class 322 - JAKACANTAS DA CASA DOS QUADROS : 1. Guide Price : 850 From beautiful litter of KC Registered Standard Wirehaired Dachshunds - Black & Tan wire haired boy is now available, having been reserved but not collected due to a change of circumstances for his intended family. 2 place Magik Rainbow Ragnar Dachshund Miniature Wire-haired. Caa 11 pi, sodko szczeka, je i nabiera si na kolejne tygodnie szalestw pod okiem mamy! We actively show our dogs at Dog Shows. 7. By GCH Ex Sentia Devil's Advocate -- GCHP Kadell's Gold Dust W. Laura Reynolds and James & Catlin Cahill . Dachshund standard wirehaired. Best Bitch: Boloria's Tiger Lily: Mrs J & Miss R Rowe: Best Puppy: Tendrow I Am The One from . Ex Sentia - Wirehaired Dachshunds: Poland: Hokus Pokus Z Perlowej: Warsaw: Poland: Jamniki.Net.Pl: Poland: Kennel Dogs Ze . 1 Moore & Coverley's Ch/Ir Ch Ex Sentia I'm Bond James Bond, sadly the only veteran here today but quality more than made up for that! Judge: Ottavio Perricone (Italy) 1 place Radost Zhizni Galactix Samoyed Breeder: Monique Kok. Breeder: Owners. Schedule: 14:00 Dachshund, smooth-haired, 15 14:45 Miniature dachshund, smooth-haired 19 15:42 Kaninchen dachshund, smooth-haired 10 16:12 Dachshund, wire-haired 23 17:21 Miniature dachshund, wire-haired 6 17:39 Kaninchen dachshund, wire-haired 5 17:54 Dachshund, long-haired, 7 1 place Norden Liht Lisa Dachshund Miniature Smooth-haired. 01.09.2014., breeder - M. Kovalenko, owner - J. Litovenko, Latvia Best Dog: Ir.Ch. Pierwsze obcinanie pazurkw i codzienna. A strong masculine head with strong neck into well placed shoulder. DACHSHUNDS - T (WIREHAIRED) Friday Judge: Wendy Maisey : Dachshunds - T (Wirehaired), Dogs 12 Mos. Wildervale Wire-haired Dachshunds. karkeakarvaisia kpimyrkoiria / mini wirehaired dachshunds. 3 place Ex Sentia Diamond From Tiffany Dachshund standard wire-haired. Kaye Atkinson & Vicki L. Singleton & Sarah McCollum. . Standard Wirehaired Dachshund. GCh Ex Sentia Deuce Coupe W. Winners Bitch: (2-2-2-0) Charlotte Bronte v.h. ex sentia, ex sentia kennel ex sentia wires, ex sentia dachshunds, raydachs denim n diamonds, daybreaks garden party, treis pinheiros tangerine, romanchi arkansas, raydachs, daybreaks, treis pinheiros, romanchi, We hold two Dachshund Shows each year; one in April/May and the second in October. My first own dog appeared in my life in 1994 - of course it was a Wirehaired Standard. Dachshund Club of America National Breed Publication featuring Nationals results and pictures, yearly standings and Breeders ROM listings. Tight elbows, good length of rib and well muscled and angulated rear which he used when he moved round the ring with ease. Ravnsager's GOLDFINGER: Exc.4. We strive to provide the most up to date information including contact details for Dachshund breeders. Bitches in oestrus may be shows. Bystock Pumpkin Pie. In Ireland he finished as 1 Standard Wirehair for 2010 and 7 dachshund all varieties ( very limited number of shows ) Anne congratulations for you!!!! 2017. Mamy 12 dni!! Dachshund Ad Acte shih tzu Small home based Shih Tzu Kennel from Poland. Working Judge's Name: Mr. Jon Cole - Total Entry: 163 #1-Dog Reg: GCH. TOP . DACHSHUNDS (WIREHAIRED) Bred by Exhibitor Dogs. Claircreek Impression de Matisse Breed: Portuguese Water Dog Handler: Michael Scott Owner: Milan Lint, Peggy Helming & Donna Gottdenker #2- I'm happy that you are here I can not forget how you perfect to play in Guitar and so wanderful to sing a song mmmmmmmmm Spanish songs I was glad to meet you in Spain , sorry that I can not to be in Finlad in this Finnish Winner'08.If I can be there, I will be happy to see you again I have a new american champion now. DCC SILVAE KINSMAN (MR D C & MRS K D MCCALMONT) RDCC SILVAE KLANSMAN (MISS C NORMAN) . JPF FCI-Std. WW'18, EUR.W'18 EX SENTIA DEVIL'S ADVOCATE : CH-AKC GRCH-AKC RAYDACHS FIRE DOWN BELOW V GLEISHORBACH SW : GLEISHORBACH QUEST FOR FIRE V RAYDACHS SW : RAYDACHS GREAT BALLS OF FIRE : GLEISHORBACH WHISTLER'S HEIDI : RESERVE BITCH CHALLENGE CERTIFICATE: DEROCHAISE BLACK ORCHID. ! First Name *. Ex Sentia I'm Bond James Bond Dam: Ch. . To use all the functions in full, please REGISTER or LOGIN. La pelcula " Bajo cero" , es una pelcula inspirada en un hecho real, que narra la historia de tres miembros de una expedicin cientfica Jerry Shepard (Paul Walker), su mejor amigo, Cooper (Jason Biggs), y un gelogo americano (Bruce Greenwood), que se ven obligados a dejar atrs a sus queridos perros gua debido a un accidente inesperado y las terribles condiciones meteorolgicas. Runner-up and leading the hounds is the Wire . 80 . There is no registration fee for Actra Members, or Full and Apprentice. All sashes, trophies must be collected on the . Geboren op 24-11-2018 het Z-nest. Dachshund (Wire-Haired) Judge(s): MRS J BLACKBURN-BENNETT BYSTOCK BLACK TRUFFLE JW View larger image: BEST OF BREED: BYSTOCK BLACK TRUFFLE JW. GCHP Kadell's Gold Dust W. Laura Reynold & Catlin & James Cahill. The SW-puppies, four girls of Welmu Neiti . Ch Silvae Quintet (B) 3 x BOB, 4 x CC Ch/Am Ch Treis Pinheiros Zucchini SW ex Ch Silvae American Beauty 11 . There is an AABP/Non-Union yearly registration fee of $75.00 per year plus HST, total being $84.75. Fransin Brasilian TP Panettone. Ex Sentia Im Bond James Bond . Runner-up Top Wire bitch 2012 . HP 42722103. TOP . Owner: MS H M & MS C PUGHE & FRASER . First steps were with my parents and their Wirehaired Dachshund kennel "Sfora Zadory". Clean front assembly without being overdone. DACHSHUNDS (WIREHAIRED) 12-15 MOS. DAM ( Otterly) Otterly is our much loved family pet, with a excellent temperament. GCHP CH Kadell's Gold Dust W. 29. MBom Classe de Trabalho / Working Class 347 - EX SENTIA THE SPY WHO LOVED ME : 1. ! : Hidden by owner Breed: Dachshund standard wire-haired Gender: male Birth date: 07.09.2014 Breeder: Ina & Agnieszka Maeckie Owner: Hidden by owner RKF / registration number: AU 0905051 Winnings: 4 place, European Dog Show-2018, 11.10.2018 (in group) . Exc CAC CACIB FCI-Std. admin admin: : World Dog Show in Herning Sunday 27 June 2010 RING C 9 92 Miniature Dachshund, long-haired - Dommer: Kresten Scheel, DK RING C 10 101 (48+53) Rabbit Dachshund, long-haired + Rabbit Dachshund, wire-haired - Dommer: Knut Sigurd Wilberg, GB RING C 11 120 Standard Dachshund, long-haired - Dommer: Wera Hbenthal, NO RING C 12 81 Miniature Dachshund . OS/BOBOH/OHG4 : 11: Group 5. DACHSHUND (STANDARD WIRE-HAIRED) Ch Raydachs Firefly SW (1128856) 14 Nov 2015 (Raydachs Fire Down Below V Gleishorbach SW ex Sentia Dear Loreley In The Sky S IBIZAN HOUND Ch Icycold Second Coming FCh (AJ518435) 01 Nov 2015 . My Joy-Dens Jolene-Jolene SS finished her american championship at the dog show saturday with a 4 point major win. We are Kennel Club Assured Breeders, aiming to breed healthy dogs, well-socialised . Halcyon Pughe & Chris Fraser. EX SENTIA I'M BOND JAMES BOND (IMP POL) Dog. . MJESTO / 3. Date of birth: 20.06.2020 (2 Years) Height / Weight: no data. Breeders, Shirley Ray. Great Joint Dachshund Association. 148 - Baixote Standard de plo cerdoso - Dachshund (Standard) rauhaar (DE) Machos / Males Classe de Juniores / Junior Class 345 - JAKACANTAS DA CASA DOS QUADROS : 1. dachshund standard, wire-haired ex sentia diamond from tiffany bih ch blr ch est ch ltu ch lva ch mne ch rus ch tlnw17 o. musatova, russia 2big4 dachshund miniature, smooth-haired minstemann's beat it est ch fin ch lva ch siiri saarinen, finland 3big4 dachshund standard, smooth-haired Ruwielse Land Reserve Winners Bitch Bonny Vom Steinkreuz O

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